Project ORA - Drawing Machine

January 2017 -

Every existing printer is limited by the size of its gantry system. The bigger format you want to print the bigger the printer has to be. Thinking of fishing reels, we imagined a printing system with a printer head connected to motorized spool of wires. By using 4 motors linked to the printer head through nylon wire, we can control the printer head and print on a horizontal or vertical support from 1ft by 1ft to 10ft by 10ft and more. This system is very compact, since the wires can be spooled in. Thus, the footprint of the machine is only the combined size of the 4 motors and the printer head.

Scooter Assembly and Repair

September 2016 - December 2016

During the Fall of 2016, we noticed parts of two dismantled scooters lying in our labspace from a past project. We decided to try and use the remaining parts to assemble a scooter and make the engine roar again. After a lot of hard work, making missing parts ourselves such as pump fittings, troubleshooting the carburator and purchasing extra parts, the engine finally fired up. After some tuning of the carburator, we got the air to fuel ratio right, cleaned up the bike and hit to roads of Cambridge.

Swath-Hydrofoil Boat

September 2015 - September 2016

The motivation of this project was to build for the first time this novel design, the SWATH-Hydrofoil (Brizzalora S. (2014)), tailored for rapid crew and small good transportation from offshore installations. It combines the superior seakeeping ability of an unconventional SWATH concept in higher sea states with surface piercing hydrofoils to achieve higher speeds in milder sea states. This small scale model enabled us to test and validate the concept in a real environment and situations.